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Top 10 Coolest Water Sports In The World | TravelDham

Top 10 Coolest Water Sports In The World. These Water Sports you Must Try at Least Once in your Lifetime are:

1- Flyboard
2- Subwing
3- The Triton
4- Jetovator
5- Jet Surf
6- Wokart
7- U- Baot Woax
8- Seabraecher
9- Schiller Bike
10- Seabob

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Ammar Ziyad : I wish to try one of those
Jekie287 Gaming Kid : COOLL :)
Алекс Тера : Тортоо
Ku Afi Harraz : cool
Jekie287 Gaming Kid : Submarine

Extreme Watersports We DARE You to Try!

Calling all adrenaline junkies— the future of extreme water sports is now, and they are as wild and crazy as they’ve ever been. Here are 18 Extreme Watersports We Dare You to Try!

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18. Cliff Diving
When someone declared the traditional diving board a thing for water wings and yuppies, another titan of the water pointed to a very high cliff and somehow convinced others that jumping off was a wise idea.

17. Freediving
Freediving has become highly popular in the past few years when proper safety equipment and breathing apparatus became wussy worthy.

16. Extreme Waterslide
This next one is a water activity reserved only for the brave. Welcome to Kansas City’s deadly attraction Verrukt, an experience that takes 18 seconds from start to finish and reaches a speed of up to 50 mph

15. Powerboating
Speed and racing all roped into one, powerboating requires extra skill and precaution as this sport involves high-speed racing through treacherous surroundings such as rivers and ravines.

14. Barefoot Skiing
Admittingly, water skis can be a bit awkward, so why not attempt the sport with nothing on your feet at all?

13. Surf Skiing
Essentially a form of kayaking, these crafts are thin, fast and are utilized in high endurance racing. The sleek surf-ski kayaks are narrow and a lot fussier than your average kayak— that is, the paddler, when not falling out, sits atop an exposed cockpit and steers the craft with a foot-operated rudder.

12. Flowriding
Flowriding, or flowboarding, is a board sport that incorporates many extreme elements in one— surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. Through powerful pumps of water projected at speeds from 20 to 35 mph.

11. Raft Rodeo
This one has all the bells and whistles of river rafting— a dangerous sport in itself that thrill-seekers and extreme sports aficionados highly treasure. This action-packed thrill ride involves an inflatable raft maneuvered over rough and dangerous water by a team of 4 to 12 people.

10. Horsesurfing
There are two forms of this new, silly sport. The first mode of horsesurfing is simply standing on a horse and staying on as long as one can muster. Apparently, people have been standing on horses for just as long as they’ve been riding them, so why not make a friendly competition out of it?

9. Snuba Diving
When snorkeling and scuba diving come together in their own underwater union, what emerges is snuba diving. While breathing through a simple to use regulator connected to an air supply that floats at the water’s surface.

8. Modular Jet Propulsion
This handheld modular jet allows swimmers to propel through the water like any animal of the marine kingdom. The flawless propulsion system features an ergonomic handle fitted with a magnetic switch that allows for one-handed control.

7. Jet Surfing
A new craze, jet surfacing pushes the boundaries of water sports and can be very easy to learn but extremely difficult to master. This hobby pushes the boundaries of water sports using both engineering and electronics to fuel a whole new way to ride on the water.

6. Jet Propelled Bodyboard
With the recent release of this hyped-up bodyboard, riders can experience the thrill of surfing large waves even if the swell is flat with these electric jet-propelled bodyboard.

5. Flyride Hydroflyer Aerial Jet Ski
Nothing matches the experience and thrill of hydroflight— for this Flyride Hydroflyer aerial jet ski is a two-seater vehicle that comes equipped with a flight control system able to do everything from self-balance to performing automated barrel rolls.

4. Ice Swimming
Ice swimming is a sport of the future and reportedly very beneficial to the physical body and mind. All over the world people are jumping into bodies of water whether they are lakes, oceans, or rivers, regardless of the temperature.

3. Personal Submarines
The Deepflight Dragon is designed to fit in the same garage meant for a superyacht, so there’s that.

2. Foilboard
Something straight out of the 1985 hit film Back to the Future, everything from the Velcro high-tops to the self-propelled hoverboard align with this real-life water gadget today. The electric foilboard, or hydrofoil board, was created by Maui’s own big wave tow surfing athlete and water instructor.

1. Flyboard Flying
If you want to test the waters when it comes to a pure adrenaline rush out at sea, look no further than the flyboard. These unique, hovercraft-like machines propel thrillists through the air using high-power water jets. The flyboard offers vertical movement, and if this isn’t enough, the hoverboard is another option—taking riders for a horizontal adventure through the air.
They will Kill You : The surfboard in number 2 looks so cool! I'd love to try it! And don't get me started on number 1 - it just looks like it would be so much fun!
Hella happy : these all sports are my dreams thanks for this video
Unknown : Wow! He is absolutely amazing..
lajos juhász : from electro motor amd air pressure flyboard as dron patented water resistant
Yenguy and friends : I'm training myself for free diving


1 mois sur l'ile de fuerte aux canaries
Du surf du kite de la wing du foil de l'action des vagues du soleil de quoi faire passer le temps quand vous êtes fan de l'ocean !




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